VEINCAS vein finder special report from the famous European TV station ORF
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In 2014, after the VEINCAS vein finder passed the CE certification, it started global testing and promotion. When tested and used in Austria, it was well received by the famous local doctor Dr. Alexander Flor, and was fortunately interviewed and reported by its national TV station ORF.


In the authoritative scientific report column of Austrian National Television - Heute Konkret, Vienna Phlebologist Professor Dr. Flor made a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the innovative performance of the product in varicose vein surgery, and gave the product a high evaluation, which caused Austria widespread academic attention. Dr. Flor is an authoritative academic leader of phlebology in Austria. He is currently working at the Vienna International Medical Center. He has more than 30 years of clinical experience in the field of varicose veins. In 2012, he was rated as one of the top ten doctors in Austria.

In the program, Dr. Flor successfully performed intracavitary radiofrequency treatment on two patients with severe varicose veins using VEINCAS projection vein finer. Through interviews with medical staff, we learned that Dr. Flor has very rich clinical experience in minimally invasive interventional surgery for varicose veins, and patients come here. However, due to the low degree of visualization of deep veins, in order to achieve better surgical results, it is usually necessary to do a lot of preparation before surgery, to mark the blood vessels that need to be operated on the skin surface, and then deliver 200~3000kHz through the catheter system. A frequency or sinus waveform that produces a direct thermal effect on the biologically active tissue surrounding the electrode. Heating the vein wall with bipolar electrodes causes maximum physical contraction of the vein for healing purposes. Therefore, accurate marking of the venous site that needs to be operated plays a crucial role in the success or failure of the operation. For a long time, the judgment of the surgical site depends on the doctor's experience, and the requirements for the doctor are more stringent, and it may occur that the radio frequency surgical site is not thorough enough due to the unclear image identification. Bell, vein finer has clearly displayed the raised vein area, and the veins are clearly visible, so that the doctor can easily mark the site for surgery. Compared with the traditional judgment by the naked eye and touch, with the help of the vein fine, this method shortens the blood vessel search time, improves the judgment accuracy, and makes the surgical site more thorough. Through post-operative interviews with patients, we learned that patients had fewer scars and bruises, recovered more quickly, and were able to get out of bed faster than with previous surgeries.