Basic Concepts of VEINCAS Vein finder

Near infrared light penetration ability is stronger than visible light, 

and the hemoglobin in the blood has better absorption towards NIR than other tissues.

Visible light

 Visible light can penetrate into the skin 1~2mm depth only, and most of it is reflected and scattered.

Infrared light

Infrared light penetrates deeper into the skin and reaches the dermis where the superficial veins are located.



Superficial vein

Subcutaneous tissue

Projecting infrared light of a specific wavelength to the skin
Collecting infrared images of skin with photosensitive elements

Processing digital image to form a blood vessel distribution map

The image of vein map is clearly projected back onto the surface of skin

Dual Light source – Near Infrared Light 850nm & 850nm 
Safety   |    Precision   |   Smart
Features & Benefits 
Far below the emission limits
Both safe for both patients and operators  

FDA Regulation for Laser Product

Infrared radiation value ≤0.6mW/cm

Near-infrared light source

Dual light source

 ●  Intensive infrared light
 ●  Accurate projection
 ●  Sharp image


World’s First Depth Detection Mode

The red line will target the vein, the number of green lights indicate vein depth.