NIR Light source
850nm wavelength

Project window

Convenient User Interface
Indicator light
Runing- machine status
Battery- battery status
Power- direct current or battery

Standing Button
Set stand by countdown 

Brightness Button
4 adjustable levels, 
level 1, 2, 3 and 4

Mode Button
8 modes switch

Power Button
Turn on/ off

Size Button
Normal size
Pediatric size

Provide suggestion of needle entry angle 
Red cross aligned with the vein for depth detection
Indication of vein depth by 1/2/3 green blocks

2 green blocks

Depth: 2-4mm

Needle entry angle: 25°-30°

1 green block

Depth: 0-2mm

Needle entry angle: 15°-25°

3 green blocks

Depth: 4-6mm

Needle entry angle: ≥30°

Unique Smart Depth Detection
Unique Smart Depth Detection
“ Clear”  Fine Mode
Designed for thin vein patients
Reduce the noise to display the veins more clearly 

Various colors available
Designed for different skin colors & environment light
Simulate the color of veins, less interference by miscellaneous
Weakens the background to highlight the veins
Various sizes available

Designed for different body parts and ages
Avoid larger projection on pediatric patients 

Various brightness available
4 adjustable levels, available for different working environment

VE mini

Table stand

Suitable for situations which projection vein finder will be placed on desktops or workbenches, such as laboratory, demonstrations, training. Etc. 


VS plus

Floor stand

Suitable for situations which projection vein finder will be moved frequently, such as wards, infusion rooms, emergency room, 

operating room, etc.

V800P operation video​